Hello!  We are Ellis and Liam, the founders of No.1 Fairham Gin. Get to know a little bit about us, our small batch craft gin and the journey along the way.

No.1 Fairham Gin is named after our home address in Penwortham, Lancashire, the place where we created the foundations of the recipe behind our Signature Edition gin. With being avid gin lovers and having had our fair share of G&Ts, we wanted to make our mark in the craft gin industry and create a ‘proper’ gin with a modern influence.

Creating our own gin has always been in the works, with 2020 giving us much more time to be able to fine tune our passion project. Back in March 2020 when it all began, at the ages of 24 and 25, we were thought to be two of the UK’s youngest gin distillers and after a long but very enjoyable 12 months of market research, brand designing and a lot of gin tasting, No.1 Fairham Gin released it’s Signature Edition craft gin in April 2021. This is our take on a traditional craft gin that allows the juniper to shine through whilst complimenting it with fresh citrus layers.

all processes are thoroughly researched so we can deliver the best results

Liam Stemson

Made in Lancashire craft gin
100% vapour infused craft gin distilled in Lancashire from Penwortham

Uniquely Different

Being from sales and marketing backgrounds, we both bring something different to the No.1 Fairham Gin brand and have built our ethos on being distinctively different to anything else on the market by pushing the boundaries of flavours. We chose to include exotic fruits to make our gin unique to us whilst not overpowering the main ingredient of what gin should be; the juniper.

Truly Handcrafted

The word ‘handcrafted’ gets used a lot in the gin industry, but as a two-man team we pride ourselves on being truly handcrafted and are both involved in all processes of making our craft gin.

From peeling and dehydrating fruits to labelling all of our bottles by hand, every process that leads to you enjoying a lovely G&T is done by us. Our craft gin is 100% vapour infused in our 60ltr copper pot still that is prepped and managed by us two at our small distillery in Lancashire.

priding ourselves on being truly handcrafted from start to finish

Ellis McKeown

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